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Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff is a weekly nationally syndicated program produced by Democracy at Work and hosted by Richard D. Wolff. The program explores complex economic issues and empowers listeners with information to analyze not only their own financial situation but the economy at large. Beyond focusing a critical eye on the economic dimensions of everyday life - wages, jobs, taxes, debts, interest rates, prices, and profits - the program also explores systemic solutions to our economy's problems including alternative ways to organize production and distribution of the goods and services we all depend on. 
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Nov 14, 2023

Economic Update is now back to its regular programming schedule with a new episode released every Monday. We couldn't be happier, more relieved and more excited to get back to creating the show we all have known, needed and loved since 2011 and to celebrate, we're going to release a few batches of "binge-worthy" episodes you will only find on our website and as a Patreon audience member. So stay tuned, make sure you've subscribed to our channel, follow us on social media and of course be sure to sign up on our website: And as always, we thank for your attention, support and solidarity. The d@w Team *********************************************************************************

 [EU S13 E41] Inequality Undermines Health & Healthcare in the U.S.


"Updates on risks to UAW strike victories, realtors fined for collusion on real estate commissions, Bangladeshi strikes for higher minimum wages for clothing workers, China outmaneuvers Malaysia and US in rubber glove business, UN vote isolates US, Israel, Ukraine over Cuba embargo. Interview with Dr. Stephen Bezruchka on how economic inequality connects to stress, health problems, and inadequate healthcare."